NC Touring Review: EdSets and Mic-Mutes

As a Goldwing owner and tour operator, the subject of in-helmet communication systems always comes up.  For the longest time, my wife and I wore open faced helmets and it was as simple as leaning back (or forward) to speak to each other.  Of course, it became much more difficult when we had to travel on the interstate.  And then anytime we put our full face helmets on, we could not hear any of the stereo or talk to each other.

As winter approached (and a couple of larger tours that included more highway travel), we decided to upgrade to modular helmets and purchase helmet communication.

A quick search of forums and message boards yielded information about J & M headsets.  They have been on the market for quite some time and have a fairly large following.  I also saw the name of EdSets come up a few times as well.  I then dug deeper and saw that the majority of people that have owned both brands, would routinely recommend EdSets over J & M.

It was time to make a decision, so after trying out a J & M set from a buddy, I went ahead and took a leap of faith and ordered a complete 3G system from EdSets.

3G Module from EdSets

Within a couple of days, my package arrived.  Immediately as I examined the contents, I noticed some very nice features.  The first was that each of the cords was “replaceable”, meaning if a cord or wire ever got damaged, it could easily be replaced.  In some of the other comm systems, if a wire breaks, you are ordering a new module.  For my application, this was quite brilliant, as I could remove the boom mic if I was traveling by myself and just wanted the headphone speakers.

Another excellent feature with the 3G system is that you can plug a auxiliary device directly to the base unit.  This allows you to hook an iPod into your headset.  The plug is a two-way plug, so you can also output to a recording device (read video camera) and then narrate your videos that you take from either a helmet or bike mounted camera.

Never having installed comm units, I was then worried that the process would be overwhelming.  Thanks to Ed and his website, my helmets were outfitted in five minutes.  Now the moment of truth.  I hooked them up with the adapter to the 5 pin set on the Goldwing and viola… we had sound and microphone capabilities!

After using the headsets for 8 months now, I can without hesitation give a big two thumbs up for this comm. system.  We have used them on countless trips and the quality of sound is fantastic.


One recommendation that Ed made was the addition of a Mic-Mutes.  This allows you to use your existing CB PTT button to toggle and mute the communication system, while still enjoying music.  The Mic-Mutes also allow you to use it as a PTT button so that you do not have an annoying change in music volume when wind affects your microphone.  We opted for the additional wired button that I installed under the arm rest for the passenger.  She can easily operate it cut off the sound when I start rambling!  The addition of the Mic-Mutes makes this system second to none!

For more information about EdSets or to order your own, visit them at their website.  To read more and order Mic-Mutes, you can visit their website.

Line Dempsey

Line Dempsey has been guiding adventure tours for many years. Having been born and reared in NC, Line got his start in leading tours in the 1980's with unsupported bicycle tours of the state of NC, SC and Virginia. Line worked in the tourism industry for 10 years prior to leaving for graduate school. Line began leading motorcycle trips in NC, VA, SC, as well as a trip to the lower east corner of the US ( Key West ). For the last 14 years, Line's work has allowed him to travel throughout the state of NC at least once a week and he's seen most of the overlooked side roads of our beautiful state. Line has explored NC via bicycle, kayak, motorcycle, rock climbing, hiking and by sailboat.

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