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Epic Excursion


Week 1

Saturday, - Arrive Charlotte, NC

Sunday, Day 1 - Hendersonville, NC

Monday, Day 2 - Deal's Gap, NC

Tuesday, Day 3 - Asheville, NC

Wednesday, Day 4 - Asheville, NC (rest day)

Thursday, Day 5 - Blowing Rock, NC

Friday, Day 6 - Peaks of Otter, VA

Saturday, Day 7 - Greensboro, NC


Week 2

Sunday, Day 8 - Greensboro, NC (rest day)

Monday, Day 9 - Duck, NC

Tuesday, Day 10 - Ocracoke, NC

Wednesday, Day 11 -Wilmington, NC

Thursday, Day 12 - Charleston, SC

Friday, Day 13 - Savannah, GA

Saturday, Day 14 - Charlotte, NC

Sunday, - End of Tour

Epic Escape (East Coast US Tour)
Private Tour

This Southern tour will include some significant terrain changes. The holiday will boasts some of the most beautiful shorelines on the east coast as well as our majestic mountains. Your tour will include extensive travel in the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia with wonderful twisting roads and fantastic vistas. The southern end of the trip will include the famous Outer Banks, with four major lighthouses, one of which the most famous of all in the states: The Hatteras Lighthouse. The adventure does not stop with just NC, as we will wind our trip up in true southern charm as we visit Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA. The tour is broken into two “week” sections, the first concentrating on the mountain range, while the second section focuses on the coast.

Week 1: After arriving in Charlotte, the next day we take off to the west! The mountains are “old” having a more rounded and worn down appearance to that of the sharp edges of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The area is home to hundreds of waterfalls. For wonderful road travel, NC is home to over half of the famous Blue Ridge Parkway, a National park that spans 469 miles (755km) from Cherokee, North Carolina to Waynesville Virginia. Not a single stoplight or stop sign as this road meanders along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains and finishes in Virginia. In addition to driving the entire Blue Ridge Parkway, your tour in the mountains will also include the famous “Tail of the Dragon” an 11 mile (18km) section of pavement that has 318 curves! This is the Motorcycle Mecca!

In addition to the wonderful motorcycling, the tour will include stops at a few waterfalls, Mount Mitchell (highest peak in the eastern US), and a day at the Biltmore Estate. This chateau – styled mansion was built in the late 1800s and is the largest privately-owned home in the US (200,000 square meters).

Week 2: We shift gears as we head toward the coast for the second half of the tour. You will be treated to a grand tour of the coast of NC, including the Outer Banks. This section of the NC shoreline is known as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic”. More than 1000 ships have sunk in this area since records began in 1526. The Outer Banks also plays home to the first powered flight by the Wright Brothers in 1903 as well as the first European child born on American soil (Virginia Dare). The tour will also include ferry travel to Ocracoke Island and along the way we will have the opportunity to visit 4 of the states landmark Lighthouses. The famous of which is Cape Hatteras, the tallest lighthouse on the east coast of the US. The ocean has encroached on the lighthouse, which had to be moved 870m inland in 1999!

Our tour will then take us on 2.5 hour ferry ride as we will make our way to Wilmington, NC a historic seaport. From Wilmington, we will venture into the state of South Carolina to another port: Charleston. Another historic town, the waterway surrounds Fort Sumter, where the first shots of the American Civil War were fired. From Charleston we travel to Savannah, Georgia. Savannah is known for its architecture and history and will be a fantastic “southern” finish to a once-in-a-lifetime motorcycle tour. From there we will venture back to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Tour Includes:

  • Transportation from Airport on Saturday (need to be at Dealership by 3pm)
  • Motorcycle Rental (Harley Davidson) (2 weeks)
  • All Hotel / Bed and Breakfast Accommodations (16 days, 15 nights)
  • Professionally Guided Tour for 2 weeks (on motorcycle) 14 days
  • Sag Wagon with Trailer (to carry up to two motorcycles if needed) and all luggage
  • Entrance into Biltmore Estate and Wineries
  • All Ferry fees (on the coast)
  • Information / Map sheets for each tour day
  • Photos and Slide shows of the days' ride
  • Transportation to Airport at end of the Tour (Sunday)

Tour DOES NOT include:

  • Meals (although many of breakfasts WILL be included in accommodations)
  • Fuel costs
  • Extra excursions or shopping

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