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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I consider a trip with NC Touring?

Itís an affordable adventure! We have taken every measure to make our tours financially accessible to every motorcyclist. In addition to our realistic prices, our routes are developed to get the most enjoyment out of the ride, while putting you in areas that are often overlooked by other vehicles. Finally, side-trips are created to add an extra element to the motorcycle journey, which include waterfalls, historic sites and fantastic views.

Why are your prices so low?

This is a question we get asked often. To put it simply, we wanted to make this very accessible, and we are ultimately one small step toward your touring independence. We want to give you the tools and experience to one day do this on your own. Plus, since our rates are so reasonable, it is not uncommon for people to go on several of our trips in one year!

What kind of experience do I need? How many motorcycles on a trip?

You must have a valid motorcycle endorsement and at least one year of riding experience. Our tours are restricted to 2-6 motorcycles to keep things manageable and enjoyable for our clients. You should be able to ride 200-300 miles per day. There is no requirement to ride with the group (but you might miss a few things). Itinerary sheets, directions and maps will be provided to each motorcycle in case you want to enjoy your own variation.

What kind of motorcycles go on your trips?

We are not an exclusive group, we welcome everything from sport bike / cruiser / touring / sport touring / dual purpose. Some portion of the tours will require interstate travel in addition to back road twisties.

What is a typical day / tour like?

On our three day tours that start in the triangle, we will depart from downtown Durham. For our Charlotte based tours, we will leave from Huntersville. Day 1 will typically have more frequent stops along with a lunch break. Day 2 will include multiple photo opportunities and the featured stops (waterfalls, historic sites, etc). People will have the option to extend their riding or explore local areas. Day 3 will include a scenic route as we wind our way back home. Specifics for each tour can be found on their information page.

What do I need to pack? What gear do I need?

For our supported tours, you will be allowed one medium sized tote (we'll provide one for you to use) per rider for your personal effects. The campground has hot showers, so donít forget a towel and your toiletries. In addition, your tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad and pillow will all be provided, transported and set-up for the motorcycle camping tours. NC TOURING recommends that you wear appropriate motorcycle protective gear.

What do I need to pay for?

For our supported tours, your camping site and equipment are all provided. Because everyone's tastes are different, you will be responsible for your breakfast, lunch and dinners. We make an effort to find great restaurants along the way! Your only other costs should be gas, incidentals and any spending money.

How do I reserve and pay for my tour?

Reservations may be made on our schedule page. You can also go there directly by clicking here. NCT is verified through PayPal, so we can accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or payment directly from your checking account. NCT also accepts check, money order and cash payments.

Should I tip my tour leader?

Many of our clients ask if they should tip the tour leader. We serve you because we want to, and it is not done in order to receive a tip. If you feel the service you received from your guide is exceptional, and you want to say thank you with a tip, although not expected, it is always appreciated.

Does the campground have internet access?

Are you seriousÖ we are camping! But, if you must know, wireless internet access is available at the campground store in Old Fort for a nominal fee. When we are caming in other areas, limited cell coverage will be available.

What about the weather?

Obviously, check the local listing a few days before the trip to aid in packing appropriate clothing. Rain is always a possibility. The decision of delaying or canceling a day of the tour is at the discretion of the tour leader or owners of NC Touring. Safety is our number one priority. You should consider travel insurance in the event the entire trip has to be cancelled.

What about a custom tour?

Absolutely! If youíd like to have a customized tour, we can build it for 1 to 6 motorcycles. Whether you want different accommodations (hotels vs. cabins vs. camping), a private Blue Ridge Parkway trip, a tour including Dealís Gap or a beach retreat, we can build it for you. Contact us for options!

How can I sign up for one of your tours?

It is as simple as going to our tour reservation page, filling out the information and then submitting the form. You will then receive an invoice for your deposit via PayPal. Just follow the links and pay with your credit card. The remaining balance will be due one week prior to departure. Cancellations made three weeks prior to tour departure will receive a full refund. Up to 72 hours prior to tour departure, a refund less $100.00 will be returned.


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