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Sponsors and Affiliations
  • Catawba Falls Campground - Wonderful family campground that we use for most of our mountain motorcycle tours. The campground is situated along the Catawba River and is one of our favorite places to camp. The campground is family run and is a true treasure!
  • Capitol BMW - Capitol BMW has a great staff and the layout and design of the store is fantastic. They have one of the largest BMW demo fleets around ( 2012 models) that can be test driven. Very good selection of equipment, accessories, and clothing.
  • EdSets - Fantastic communication system. Please follow our link as an affiliate for Ed Sets, they are fantastic!
  • Great Outdoor Provision Company - Chapel Hill Store - The primere outdoor provider with great selections of technical clothing and equipment.
  • Keen Footwear - Maker of shoes and accessories, NTC exclusively uses Keen sandals for our motorcycle tours. Excellent comfort and able to takle hikes and waterfalls, these shoes are built for exploration!
  • Hennessy Hammocks - Self-contained sleeping system. Includeds the hammock, mosquito netting, and rainfly. Super compact and wonderfully comfortable.
  • MotoMark1 - MotoMark1 is North Carolina's premier provider of professional level motorcycle and ATV training to make riders of all levels safer and more proficient. Mark's classes are excellent and a great way to keep your skills sharp.
  • Mountain Hardware - Mountian Hardware continues to brings technical innovation to outdoor gear and creates detail-oriented design features in their equipment and clothing. Innovation and attention to detail with superior product quality, all backed with a lifetime warranty that speaks for itself.
  • Olympia Moto Sports - This is one of the best manufacturers of motorcycle clothing. They are based in Hendersonville, NC and are one of the nation's fastest growing brand of techincal motorcycle apparel.
  • One World Shoppe - A life is good clothing and gear store located in historic New Bern. Danny and Sheila have a fantastic shop and a wonderful outlook on life!
  • REI - Durham Store - Fantastic shop for technical clothing and camping equipment.
  • Bull Durham Custom Tailers - Fellow rider, Bob Pickard creates wonderful custom motocycle trailers that can be considered works of art. A perfect complement to your special machine when you arent' riding it!
  • Motorco Music Hall - a 500 plus person capacity music venue in Durham, North Carolina. An intimate setting for fantastic local and national music concerts!
  • Triangle Cycles - One of the best dealerships in the state, Triangle Cycles has a very knowledgeble staff (service and sales). Very good selection of equipment, accessories, and clothing. New and Used motorcycle sales. Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, KTM (equipment, service)
  • Aerostich -Makers of technical motorcycle gear (suits, jackets, pants, gloves, etc). Their catalog is a must have for the touring and commuting motorcyclist (lots of fun toys!). Proven company for the industry. Mail-order/internet company.

We are in the process of establishing additional relationships with specialized companies and providers. Interested companies should contact us directly at

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Motorcycle Equipment, Service, and Rentals

NC Touring is very careful about who we link to, and only link resources that we feel our clients will benefit from. Most listings have a relationship of some sort with NC Touring (an affiliate or a company that we have used and are happy with their service or product).

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